Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is a nightmare that no homeowner in Augusta, GA, wants to face. Water can wreak havoc on your home’s structure and personal belongings, from overflowing sinks to leaking roofs. Understanding the importance of water damage restoration and quickly acting to resolve the damage can save you time, money, and headaches. 

So, let’s discuss some common causes of water damage in Augusta, the value of professional services, and what you need to know before selecting a water damage restoration company.

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Water Damage Restoration Process
Acting quickly to minimize the effects is essential when faced with water damage. Here is a step-by-step overview of the water damage restoration process:
  • Assessment and inspection: The first step is to assess the property and identify the severity of the damage. This assessment will determine which restoration steps are needed and help you develop an action plan.
  • Water extraction and removal: Any standing water must be removed. Professional water damage restoration companies will use specialized equipment to extract water from carpets, furniture, and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Drying and dehumidification: After the water is removed, the property must be thoroughly dried to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Dehumidifiers and air movers are used to dry the area effectively.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing: The affected area must be cleaned and sanitized to eliminate contaminants and lingering odors.
  • Restoration and reconstruction: The restoration and reconstruction process will begin once the property is dry and clean. This can include repairing or replacing damaged materials, like drywall, flooring, or ceilings.

Water Damage Prevention Tips

Taking preventive measures to protect your property from water damage is essential. Some tips to help you avoid water damage issues include:
  1. Regular inspection and maintenance of your home’s plumbing, gutter systems, and roofing
  2. Waterproofing and sealing any cracks or gaps in the foundation, doors, and windows
  3. Ensuring proper drainage systems are in place to direct water away from your home
  4. Addressing any leaks and water intrusion as soon as they are identified

Top 4 Water Damage Restoration Companies in Augusta, GA

Finding the right company to address your water damage issues can be challenging. Here are our top picks for water damage restoration services in Augusta, GA.

SERVPRO of Augusta

Overview and services offered: SERVPRO of Augusta offers comprehensive water damage restoration services that include water extraction, removal, drying, dehumidification, mold remediation, and repair.
Certifications and expertise: With IICRC-certified technicians, SERVPRO of Augusta’s team is well-trained and skilled in handling various water damage situations.
Customer Testimonials: Satisfied customers praise SERVPRO of Augusta for their speedy response, professionalism, and quality of work.

Rumsey Construction and Restoration

Overview and services offered: Rumsey Construction and Restoration is a full-service water damage restoration and emergency response company that handles everything from water extraction to complete home reconstruction.
Certifications and expertise: Rumsey Construction and Restoration boasts IICRC-certified professionals and a solid commitment to ongoing training and certification in the latest restoration techniques.
Customer Testimonials: Customers appreciate Rumsey Construction and Restoration’s excellent customer service, attention to detail, and commitment to restoring their homes “like new” after a water damage event.

Southeast Restoration of Augusta

Overview and services offered: Southeast Restoration of Augusta specializes in water damage restoration, mold remediation, and fire damage restoration. Their team is dedicated to quick response times and providing compassionate support during difficult times.
Certifications and expertise: Their IICRC-certified technicians are equipped to handle water damage restoration projects of all sizes and complexities.
Customer Testimonials: Clients of Southeast Restoration of Augusta consistently praise their professionalism, transparency, and high-quality work.

Crawl Space Specialists LLC

Overview and services offered: Crawl Space Specialists LLC is a locally-owned water damage restoration company that offers comprehensive services, including water removal, structural drying, and mold remediation.
Certifications and expertise: Crawl Space Specialists LLC is proud of its IICRC-certified team that is experienced in serving the Augusta community.
Customer Testimonials: Crawl Space Specialists LLC’s clients appreciate their prompt response, thorough work, and friendly technicians.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Water Damage Restoration Company

Selecting the right company to handle your water damage restoration needs is critical. Here are some factors to consider when making your choice:
  • Licensing and certifications: Ensure the company has certified professionals skilled in the latest restoration techniques.
  • Experience and reputation: Look for a company with a solid reputation and experience in handling water damage situations similar to yours.
  • Response time and availability: Emergencies can happen anytime, and quick response is essential. Choose a company available 24/7 and can arrive at your property promptly.
  • Insurance assistance: A good water damage restoration company can help you navigate the insurance claims process and work with your provider to ease the burden on you.
  • Pricing and transparency: Seek out a company that provides upfront and transparent pricing without hidden fees or charges.

Importance of Mold Remediation and Removal

Mold growth can result from unaddressed water damage, leading to potential health risks, such as allergies, respiratory issues, and more. It is essential to tackle mold problems quickly and effectively. Some essential points to consider regarding mold remediation and removal include the following:
  • Mold prevention tips: Keep humidity levels low, improve ventilation, quickly address leaks and water damage, and inspect your property regularly for signs of mold growth.
  • Professional mold remediation services: Mold can be challenging and dangerous to remove without proper training and equipment. Trust a professional mold remediation company to ensure safe and effective removal.

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial properties face unique challenges when dealing with water damage. Some factors to consider for commercial water damage restoration include the following:
  • Preventive measures for businesses: Regular inspections, prompt maintenance, and staff training can help prevent water damage in commercial settings.
  • Tailored restoration solutions: Professional restoration companies understand businesses’ unique needs and time constraints and can provide tailored solutions to minimize downtime and disruption.

Navigating Insurance Claims for Water Damage Restoration

Dealing with insurance claims after water damage can be confusing and stressful. Some tips for navigating your insurance claims include:
  • Common coverage scenarios: Understand the terms of your insurance policy and what types of water damage are covered.
  • Documenting damages and losses: Take clear photos, inventory damaged items with detailed descriptions, and keep accurate records of the restoration process.
  • Working with a restoration company to facilitate claims: Many restoration companies will work directly with your insurance to help streamline the claims process, making it as stress-free as possible.


Timely and professional water damage restoration in Augusta, GA, is crucial to protecting your property and safeguarding your health. Whether dealing with a small leak or a massive flood, finding the right water damage restoration company is vital to ensuring a successful recovery. By taking preventive measures and seeking expert help, you can maintain your property’s value and enjoy peace of mind.

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